Hello, I'm Hesham Metwally

Growth Marketing Expert

Before speaking like we're on Linkedin, I was to share that I found my passion and purpose in Marketing. I just love to work on a project, may it be a service or a product, with my team, and build an identity that resonates and last for a long time even if we stop working and producing more content about it. Marketing also allows me to play with Digital assets; social media, media buying and media creation programs. Also Physical assets; cameras and products and experiences - And of course, Stimulates my mind to lengths I love daring myself to go to. AS LONG AS MY WORK IMPACTS PEOPLE'S LIVES POSITIVELY. Marketing Expert, with experience that covers; Strategy, Digital Marketing, Events, Public Relations, Content Creation and Media Production. In 2016, I founded Marketing and Media Production Agency till 2020. Then I made my come back to the corporate world, leading and supporting mega brands.